[ PDF ] SBI KYC Form PDF Download 2021

If you have opened your new account in SBI Bank and you have to kyc your new savings account, and you need SBI KYC form then now the right place has come because today we are going to provide you SBI KYC in PDF form. . You can download the SBI KYC form through this article, and submit it to whichever SBI bank you have opened your account with.

You can download the SBI KYC form very easily from our website. Along with this, we have also told in this article, how you can fill the SBI KYC form. If you do not know how to do KYC of your SBI account, then we are also going to discuss it fully.

What is sbi kyc

KYC is a registration process that is mandatory in India. If you open a new bank account. Or take a new mobile SIM or you create your account in a mutual fund, then it is very important to do KYC, because with the help of kyc, the government can understand whether you are a real citizen or a fake.

SBI is also KYC done by their government IDs to protect their customers whenever they open a new account with SBI. With this, the bank ensures that the person who has created his account with SBI Bank is not a fake or fraudulent person.

Because of this, in today’s time, it is mandatory for you to do KYC in every sector.

Why SBI kyc is important

If you have created your new account in SBI, then it is very important to do KYC through your government ID because if you create an account with SBI and do not do KYC.

So your account is of no use till you do KYC with your government id like Aadhar card, passport, driving license, voter id card. Till then your account cannot be active and you cannot do any online transaction.

For this reason it is very important to kyc you.

Documents required for KYC

If you have any of the documents mentioned below, then you can do SBI KYC very easily.

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Election card

How to download sbi kyc form

You can download the SBI KYC form from our website, and also you have created your new account with any SBI bank. You can get the SBI KYC form by going to the same bank, and submit it to the bank across.

How to fill SBI kyc form

It is obvious that you are searching for SBI KYC form online, and you must have opened your new account with SBI Bank for the first time. So how do you fill the SBI KYC form, what information has to be filled in the kyc form, it does not come, then we are also going to tell you how to fill the SBI kyc form in this post.

To fill the SBI KYC form, follow the steps given below carefully.

As soon as you receive the SBI kyc form, you will see the option of new and change request at the top.

Now if you have created a new account in SBI bank, then you mark til new.

A: identity details

1: First of all you put your name in the capital, after your name except one box, your father’s name and then leave a box and your surname is to be inserted.

2: Now your father’s name is Capital Terrain, you can also enter your mother’s name.

3a: Select your gender.

3b: Select whether you are married or not.

3c: Enter your birth date.

4a: You select your nationality.

4b: Whether you live in India or live in a foreign country, that is to be selected.

5a: Now if you have a PAN card, then you have to enter the number of your PAN card.

5b: You must enter your Aadhaar card number in the box.

6: You have to select which government document to add to SBI kyc.

If you are going to add a PAN card, then click on the PAN card option.

And if you are going to add Aadhar card or passport for kyc, then enter its name.

B: Address

1: You add your real address and country state district as well as the pin code of your area.

2: If you also have another address such as office address, you can fill it in this option.

3: Enter your mobile number telephone number.

4: It is not necessary to fill it, if you want to add your second address also, then you can add it.

C: Others information

1: Add any of your yearly income.

2: Which work you do in this option is to insert it.

D: declaration

Your name has to be dated and your signature has to be filled.

In this way, you can download the SBI KYC form very easily and complete the SBI KYC.

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