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If you want to download Tomb of Annihilation pdf then you have come to the right place because in this article we are going to give you Tomb of Annihilation pdf download.  If you want to get Tomb of Annihilation then read it till the end.

Tomb of Annihilation is the fifth edition of the d&d series.  This is a role playing game.  This game was published in 2017.  It is very popular, everyone wants to download Tomb of Annihilation pdf.  That is why in this article we have provided Tomb of Annihilation pdf.

Tomb of Annihilation is a Dungeons&Dragons adventure that takes place on the peninsula of Chult in the Forgotten Realms. Chult is a tropical wilderness composed mostly of jungles, plateaus, impassable

mountains, and belching volcanoes.You can substitute a different jungle setting, changing location names as needed. Alternative D&D settings include the Amedio Jungle of Oerth, The Savage Coast of Mystara, the jungles of Xen’drik on Eberron, or a comparable setting on your home campaign world.

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Story Overview

Tomb of Annihilation is an adventure game.  The story of this game is based on a disease.  The Tomb of the Annihilation is located near the Deathkars.  And a very dangerous disease has spread around this tomb.  Due to this, millions of people are slowly dying.  And the dead are taking a disastrous form.

A lot has been done to stop it.  There are dangerous jungles available in this game which you have to traverse and reach level 1 to11.

Also lurking in the heart of Chult is Ras Nsi, a mythic, villainous figure among Chultans. Ras Nsi was a human paladin and a sworn protector of the city of Mezro. He betrayed his oaths and was banished. Rather than redeem himselt, he raised an undead army to conquer Mezro. 

The would-be tyrant was defeated and banished once more. Mezro was later destroyed by the Spellplague (or so it seemed) during which Ras Nsi lost his power to create and command undead. 

He withdrew to the city of Omu, leaving the vestiges of his undead army to roam unchecked throughout the jungle That was not the end of Ras Nsi, however. Bitter over his loss of power, he forged an alliance with the yuan-ti lurking in the ruins of Omu and underwent a ritual of transformation, becoming a yuan-ti malison. As a yuan-ti, Ras Nsi imposed his terrible will on the evil snake people and became their leader.

About Publication

The Tomb of Annihilation game is written and published by Chris Perkins, Will Doyle, Steve Winter, with additional design by Adam Lee and story consulting by Pendleton Ward.  This game is published on Sept. 8 2017.  You have to complete 11 of Tomb of Annihilation pdf sir ji.

Tomb of Annihilation is an adventure role play game inspired by Tomb of Horrors.

Adventures Overview

In this adventure, three creatures know that the cause of the death curse lies in Omu: Grandfather Zitembe in Port Nyanzaru, Valindra Shadowmantle in the Heart of Ubtao, and Saja N’baza in Orolunga. Several creatures know Omu’s location: the guides Eku and Salida in Port Nyanzaru, Valindra Shadowmantle in the Heart of Ubtao, the aarakocra of Kir Sabal, Zalkor√© of Nangalore, Saja N’baza in Orolunga, and the red dragon Tzindelor in Wyrmheart Mine. 

If the characters are unable to locate Omu or ascertain the source of the death curse, the following additional creatures might possess the knowledge they seek, at your discretion: Krr’ook in Dungrunglung, Nephyr in Firefinger, Nanny Pu’pu in Mbala, Bwayes 0’tamu in the wreck of the Narwhal, the survivors of the Star Goddess shipwreck, and Red Wizards under Valindra Shadowmantle’s command.

As the adventurers explore Omu, they are either captured by yuan-ti or forced to confront them in their underground temple (chapter 4). Not far from the yuan-ti temple is the entrance to the Tomb of the Nine Gods (chapter 5). The Soulmonger lies deep within the tomb, which is riddled with puzzles, traps, monsters, and magical wards. Best case scenario: the adventure concludes with the destruction of the

Soulmonger and the heroes’ daring escape from the tomb. Worst case scenario: the characters succumb to the evil of Acererak, and their souls are devoured,

Tomb Of Annihilation Pdf Contents

  2. Story Overview
  3. Running the Adventure
  4. Abbreviations
  5. Adventure Summary
  6. Death Curse
  7. Character Advancement
  8. Starting at Higher Levels
  9. Starting the Adventure
  10. Syndra Silvane’s Curse
  11. Character Hooks
  12. Welcome to Chult
  13. Weather
  14. Races of Chult
  15. Chultans

Chapter 1: Port Nyanzaru

  1. Arrival
  2. Side Quests
  3. Locations in the City
  4. old City
  5. Merchants’ Ward
  6. Harbor Ward
  7. Market Ward
  8. Malar’s Throat
  9. Tiryki Anchorage
  10. City Denizens
  11. Volothamp “Volo” Geddarm
  12. Merchant Princes
  13. Merchant Prince’s Villa
  14. Lower Level
  15. Upper Level
  16. Factions and Their Representatives
  17. Emerald Enclave
  18. Flaming Fist
  19. Harpers
  20. Lords’ Alliance
  21. Order of the Gauntlet
  22. Red Wizards of Thay
  23. Ytepka Society
  24. Zhentarim
  25. Things to Do
  26. Buying a Special Item
  27. Dinosaur Racing
  28. Finding a Guide
  29. Gathering Information

Chapter 2: The Land Of Chult

  1. The Expedition Begins
  2. Travel Distances
  3. Navigation
  4. Dehydration
  5. Diseases
  6. Random Encounters
  7. Locations in Chult
  8. LocationsF- I
  9. LocationsJ – L
  10. Locations M – P
  11. Locations R-S
  12. Locations V-Y

Chapter 3: Dwellers Of The Forbidden City

  1. Approaching the City
  2. Entering the City
  3. History of Omu
  4. Legend of the Nine Gods
  5. City Inhabitants
  6. Puzzle Cubse
  7. Navigation
  8. Random Encounters in Omu
  9. Locations in the City

Chapter 4: Fane Of The Night Serpent

  1. Schemes of the Yuan-ti
  2. Ras Nsi
  3. Fenthaza
  4. Getting Inside
  5. Infiltrating the Temple
  6. Captured by the Yuan-ti
  7. Locations in the Temple
  8. 1. Main Gate
  9. 2. Hall of War
  10. 3. Hall of Serpents
  11. 4. Armory
  12. 5. Fenthaza’s Quarters
  13. 6. Sacrificial Chamber
  14. 7. Evil Oracle
  15. 8. Prisoner Pits
  16. 9. The Fane
  17. 10. Harem
  18. 11. Throne Room
  19. 13. Ras Nsi’s Lair
  20. 13. Storeroom
  21. 14. Venom Distillery
  22. 15. Snake Pit
  23. 16. Blood Baths
  24. 17. Sauna
  25. 18. Yuan-ti Nests
  26. 19. Slave Grotto
  27. 20. Underground River
  28. 21. Hydra’s Lair
  29. 22. Fungi Cavern
  30. 23. Secret Entrance

Chapter 5: Tomb Of The Nine Gods

  1. History of the Tomb
  2. Rise of the Tomb
  3. Nourishing the Atropal
  4. Exploring the Tomb
  5. General Features
  6. Tomb Inhabitants
  7. Fabled Treasures
  8. Spell Restrictions
  9. Replacing Dead Characters
  10. Spirits of the Nine Trickster Gods
  11. Spiritual Inhabitation
  12. Leaving a Host
  13. Fighting Over a Host
  14. Roleplaying the Spirits

Level 1: Rotten Hall

  • 1. Acererak’s Warning
  • 2. Gallery of Tricksters
  • 3. False Entrance
  • 4. True Entrance
  • 5.Trapped Corridor
  • 6. Crystal Window
  • 7.Grand Staircase
  • 8. Magical Attraction
  • 9. Magic Fountain
  • 10.Obolaka’s Tomb
  • 11. Gas Pocket
  • 12. Trapped Chest
  • 13. Stone Skull
  • 14. Moa’s Tomb
  • 16. Wongo’s Tomb
  • 17.Underground Waterfal

Level 2: Dungeon Of Deception

  • 18. Devil Pit
  • 19. Gravity Ring
  • 20. False Tomb
  • 21.Zombie Door
  • 22. Papazotl’s Tomb
  • 23. Bottled Genie
  • 24. Nangnang’s Tomb
  • 25. Scrying Pool
  • 26. Spiral Staircase
  • 27. Forge of the Tomb Dwarves
  • 28. Withers’s Office

Level 3: Vault Of Reflection

  • 29. Jackal Mask
  • 30. Iron Barrier
  • 31. Reflected Hall
  • 32. Rotating Crawlways
  • 33. Chamber of Opposition
  • 34. Peephole
  • 35.I’jin’s Tomb
  • 36. Chamber of Respite
  • 37. Winds of Pandemonium
  • 38. Revolving Room Trap
  • 39. Golem Pit
  • 40. Curse of the Golden Skull
  • 41. Tomb Guardians
  • 42. Kubazan’s Tomb
  • 43. Veils of Fear
  • 44.Vault of the Beholder

Level 4: Chambers Of Hoto

  • 45. Gargoyle Guardians
  • 46. Lizard Den
  • 47. Elemental Cells
  • 48. Shagambi’s Tomb
  • 49. Maze of Death
  • 50. Mirror of Life Trapping
  • 51. Ghastly Door
  • 52. Throne Room
  • 53. Crypt of the Sun Queen
  • 54. Rolling Doom
  • 55. Unkh’s Tomb
  • 56. Grandfather Clock
  • 57.Oubliette

Level 5: Gears Of Hate

  • 58. Cog of Rot
  • 59. Cog of Acid
  • 60. Cog of Blood
  • 61. Control Room
  • 62. Stone Juggernaut
  • 63. Gas-Filled Room
  • 64. Base of the Waterfal
  • 65. Underground Lake
  • 66. Door of Devouring
  • 67. Hall of the Golden Mastodon
  • 68. Hall of Decay
  • 69. Mechanus Chain
  • 70. Armillary Sphere

Level 6: Cradle Of The Death God

  • 71. Lair of the Sewn Sisters
  • 72. Trial of the Triangle
  • 73. Trial of the Square
  • 74. Trial of the Pentagon
  • 75. Trial of the Hexagon
  • 76. Trial of the Octagon
  • 77. Death God’s Nursery
  • 78. Chapel of Hate
  • 79. Hall of Finality
  • 80. Red Library
  • 81. Ebon Pool
  1. Conclusion
  2. Lost Treasures
  3. Syndra’s Fate
  4. Artus and the Ring of Winter
  5. Dragonbait
  6. Omu
  7. Red Wizards of Thay
  8. Acererak the Eternal
  9. More Adventures
  10. Appendix A: Character Backgrounds
  11. Anthropologist


Destroying the Soulmonger frees the souls trapped inside it and ends Acererak’s death curse. Characters who accomplish this goal will have saved many lives, and if word spreads of their heroism, wealthy and influential NPCs come forward bearing gifts of thanks. 

These gifts can take many forms, including parcels of land and special favors (see “Marks of Prestige” in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide). If the characters allow the atropal to survive in the depths of the tomb, it eventually attracts nihilistic devotees of Acererak who feed it their own dark souls as nourishment.

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