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waterdeep dragon heist is a role playing fantasy game. D&D’s fifth edition. The first version of waterdeep dragon heist is published in 2018. This is an action fantasy adventure modular.

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About waterdeep dragon heist

The waterdeep dragon heist is the fifth edition of the D&D franchise. The waterdeep dragon heist was announced at the Witch site in June 2018. And this fantasy fantasy adventure waterdeep dragon heist is published in real on 18 september 2018.

Wizards of the Coast licensee Beadle & Grimm released a limited-run special “Platinum Edition” of the waterdeep dragon heist, which came in a wooden storage box.

waterdeep dragon heist story

waterdeep dragon heist is exciting. The story of waterdeep dragon heist is related to treasure hunt. The main aspect of this game is the treasure hunt. Wolothamp has dispatched adventurers from Gedrum to search for gold deposits in the waterdeep city.

Finding the gold deposits inside the city of waterdeep is a very difficult task. Finding gold in waterdeep city has to face a lot of difficult situations it is very exciting. That’s why the waterdeep dragon heist is very popular.

waterdeep dragon heist pdf contents

waterdeep dragon heist pdf chapters

  • Ch. 1: A Friend in Need
  • Ch.2: Trollskull Alley
  • Ch.3: Fireball
  • Ch. 4: Dragon Season
  • Ch.5: Spring Madness
  • Ch. 6: Hell of a Summer
  • Ch. 7: Maestro’s Fall
  • Ch.8: Winter Wizardry
  • Ch.9: Volo’s Waterdeep

Detailed Chapter list of waterdeep dragon heist pdf

  1. Pronunciation Guide
  2. Introduction
  3. Story Overview
  4. Choose Your Villain
  5. Seasons
  6. Running the Adventure
  7. Adventure Structure
  8. Life in Waterdeep
  9. Adventure Flowchart
  10. Villain Lairs
  11. Adventure Background.
  12. Character Creation
  13. Character Advancement
  14. Facts in Waterdeep
  15. The Yawning Portal

Ch. 1: A Friend in Need

  1. Where to Start
  2. Zhentarim Hideout
  3. The Watch Arrives
  4. Tracking Floon
  5. Xanathar Guild Hideout
  6. Completing Volo’s Quest
  7. Level Advancement

Ch.2: Trollskull Alley

  1. Joining Facts
  2. Open for Business
  3. Level Advancement

Ch.3: Fireball

  1. What’s Happening Here
  2. The Crime Scene
  3. After the Blast
  4. Nim’s Secret
  5. What Renaer Knows
  6. Gralhund Villa
  7. Aftermath
  8. Loose Ends
  9. Level Advancement

Ch. 4: Dragon Season

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Encounter Chains
  3. Encounter Chains by Seasons
  4. Encounter 1: Alley
  5. Encounter 2: Mistshore
  6. Encounter 3: Street Chase
  7. Encounter 4: Mausoleum
  8. Encounter 5: Rooftop Chase
  9. Encounter 6: Theater
  10. Encounter 7: Old Tower
  11. Encounter 8: Courthouser
  12. Encounter 9: Cellar Complex
  13. Encounter 10: Converted Windmill
  14. Vault Keys
  15. Vault of Dragons
  16. Adventure Conclusion

Ch.5: Spring Madness

  1. Facing Xanathar
  2. Foiling Xanathar’s Operation
  3. Xanathar’s Lair
  4. Special Events

Ch. 6: Hell of a Summer

  1. Cult of Asmodeus
  2. Facing the Cassalants
  3. Cassalanter Villa
  4. Temple of Asmodeus
  5. Special Events

Ch. 7: Maestro’s Fall

  1. Facing Jarlaxle
  2. Sea Maidens Faire
  3. Scarlet Marpenoth
  4. Special Events

Ch.8: Winter Wizardry

  1. Facing Manshoon
  2. Kolat Towers
  3. Extradimensional Sanctum
  4. Special Events

Ch.9: Volo’s Waterdeep

  1. Enchiridion
  2. Entering Waterdeep
  3. A Long History (in Brief)
  4. Surviving in the City
  5. The Wars of Waterdeep
  6. The City’s Splendors.
  7. Parting Words
  8. App. A: Magic Items
  9. App. B: Monsters and NPCs
  10. App. C: Handouts
  11. Yawning Portal Friendly Faces
  12. The Code Legal
  13. Trollskull Manor and Tavern
  14. Key to the Yawning Portal


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